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About Us

All of six people were eagerly listening when Rim Jhim took to the airwaves in 1987. It was the first South Asian radio station established outside India, and the first license awarded by theĀ Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission to a Canadian woman, Shushma Datt.

Now, 25 years later, Rim Jhim serves a listenership that exceeds 500,000 across Canada, with 45,000 subscribers concentrated in the Lower Mainland. Operating on a sub-carrier (SCMO) frequency, Rim Jhim provides a wealth of quality programming in a spectrum of languages, including Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Gujarati and English. It is the only service that caters to the diverse mosaic of cultures that make up the beautifully Indian landscape.

All programming is interactive and informative, enabling listeners to reconnect with their roots, while simultaneously integrating with the local community. For newcomers, Rim Jhim is recognized as a resource, helping them to learn about Canada and integrate into their communities.

Through frank discussions with local leaders, Rim Jhim addresses community issues with a constructive and tolerant approach. We aim to foster healthy internal relationships within the South Asian community while promoting tolerance and understanding among different cultural groups throughout the Lower Mainland.

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